Sinal [digital]
Sinal [digital]
Sinal [digital]
Sinal [digital]
Sinal [digital]
Sinal [digital]

Sinal [digital]

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Sinal — 100 Anos de Design das Telecomunicações e Correios em Portugal [100 years of Telecommunications and Postal Service Design in Portugal]

The logos, advertising materials, buildings, equipment and uniforms of Post Office and Telecommunications companies are part of Portugal’s imagination and collective experience, following the country’s technological, cultural, social and political evolution. Stemming from the exhibition Sinal – 100 Years of Telecommunications and Postal Service Design in Portugal, this book is the first to focus on the relationship between Portuguese design and telecommunications and postal services throughout the 20th century. It also reflects the structure of the exhibition as it is divided into six richly contextualized, documented and illustrated nuclei: Transmission, Network, Equipment, Message, Identity and Emission.

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Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos
Editorial Coordination
José Bártolo, Sara Pinheiro
Fernando Rocha, José Bártolo, Luísa Salgueiro
Art Direction
Inês Nepomuceno
Graphic Design
Catarina Freitas, Susana Martins

200 pages 
July 2019