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Motos de Portugal
Motos de Portugal
Motos de Portugal
Motos de Portugal
Motos de Portugal
Motos de Portugal
Motos de Portugal

Motos de Portugal

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The production of motorcycles and mopeds was one of the most active industries in Portugal in the 20th century, giving rise to popular models which are part of the imagination of several generations. Motos de Portugal [Portuguese Motorcycles] presents a vast documentary and photographic collection of Portuguese brands and models, as well as the registration of all vehicles that were part of the namesake exhibition (Casa do Design, 2017–2018). This book is an accessible, richly documented and illustrated history of national motorcycle and moped production, seeking to frame the progress of this industry within the panorama of the country’s historical events throughout the 20th century.

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Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos
Editorial Coordination
Emanuel Barbosa
Emanuel Barbosa, Fernando Rocha, José Bártolo, Luísa Salgueiro
Graphic Design
Non-Verbal Club
Pedro Lobo

PT 978-989-8829-40-5
January 2018 

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