Pli Arte & Design #2/3
Pli Arte & Design #2/3
Pli Arte & Design #2/3
Pli Arte & Design #2/3
Pli Arte & Design #2/3

PLI Arte & Design #2/3

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Pli Art & Design #2/3 — Entusiasmo

The theme of this issue is Enthusiasm. While focusing mainly on contemporary phenomena, such as the growing prominence of design by personal initiative, the exploration of self-production forms, the return to craft ideology, or the renewed interest in publishing, in particular books seen as objects; the idea of ​​enthusiasm has a wider scope and it can be understood as an expression of new mediation processes linked to project practice.

PLI, the title of the magazine, evokes the Deleuzian concept of fold, assumed as a metaphor and operative concept of a project that critically seeks to think and act on identities, links and crossings between knowledge and projects of art and architecture that shape contemporary times.

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José Bártolo, Sérgio Afonso
Editorial Coordination
José Bártolo, Inês Melo

Art Direction
João Martino
Art Assistant
Miguel Almeida, Inês Melo

José Manuel Rodrigues (Sem Título / No Title, Amesterdão / Amsterdam, 1982), Kiluanji Kia Henda
Hugo "Xesta" Moura
António Quadros Ferreira, António Silveira Gomes, António Olaio, Atelier do Corvo, Brad Freeman, Caroline Niémant, Derek Birdsall, Emanuel Barbosa, Francisco Laranjo, Henrique Magalhães, Isabel Baraona,Isabel Lucena, Ken Garland, Kesselkramer, Kiluanji Kia Henda, José Albergaria, José Bártolo, José Brandão, Luís Miguel Castro, Margarida Azevedo, Maria João Baltazar Mário Moura, Onomatopee, Patrick Lasey, Paolo Deganello, Paulo T. Silva, Peeping Tom, Poster Tribune, Richard Kostelantez, Roberto Vidal, Roger Sabin, Roger Willems, Sarah Brasseur, Sarah Bodman, Silvia Prudêncio, Steven McCarthy, Susana Carvalho, Susanna Edwards, Tom Sowden, Vera Tavares