Pli Arte & Design #4
Pli Arte & Design #4
Pli Arte & Design #4
Pli Arte & Design #4
Pli Arte & Design #4

Pli Arte & Design #4

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Pli Art & Design #4 — Hot & Cool

The theme of this issue of PLI arte & design magazine is Hot&Cool.
The theme evokes both the ‘hot’ state associated with the conflict and antagonisms we live in, and the ‘cold’ state related to reaction, criticism and pragmatism, that generally characterize contemporary society and, in particular, the field of art and design.
PLI, the title of the magazine, evokes the Deleuzian concept of fold, assumed as a metaphor and operative concept of a project that critically seeks to think and act on identities, links and crossings between knowledge and projects of art and architecture that shape contemporary times.

José Bártolo (coordenação), Sérgio Afonso
Art Direction
Inês Nepomuceno
Carlos Azeredo Mesquita The Radiant City/The Others, Budapest Metro, 2012; Ana Medeiros, Olafur Eliasson/Your Atmo- spheric Colour Atlas, 2009; Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Dinamarca, 2012
Ana Medeiros, Ana Rainha, André Tentúgal, Eva Gonçalves, Fernando Brízio, Helena Sofia Silva, Joana da Conceição, Jorge Caê Rodrigues, Jorge Figueira, Marco Balesteros, Maria João Baltazar, Maria Milano, Paolo Deganello, Robert Somol e Sarah Whiting, Tomás Maldonado, Tyler Johnson