Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]
Pádua Ramos [Monograph]

Pádua Ramos [Monograph]

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01 – A arquitectura do quotidiano 1960—1970 [The architecture of everyday life]
02 – Do maneirismo à cultura pop [From mannerism to pop culture]
03 – O Coleccionador. Diálogos Entre o Equilíbrio e o Desassossego [The Collector. Dialogues between balance and disquiet]

This monograph, the first focused on architect and professor Luís Pádua Ramos, restates the importance of an outstanding figure in architecture and design in Portugal, presenting an unseen perspective of his work and collector’s facet. The first volume covers the architectural work of Pádua Ramos in the context of the 60’s and 70’s in Portugal. The second volume synthesizes the course of his projects. The third volume proposes a journey through Pádua Ramos’s personal experience, centered on his passion for collecting.

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Gisela Lameira, Luciana Rocha, Maria Milano, Rita Maia Gomes
Editorial Coordination
Sérgio Afonso
Art Direction
Inês Nepomuceno
Graphic Design
Susana Carreiras, Susana Martins
Arquivo Pádua Ramos, Carlos Albuquerque Castro, Dario Bartolini, Filipe Braga, Hans Hammarskiold, Inês d’Orey, Inês Leal, Rita Maia Gomes, Rui Panelo, Timothy Brown

Paperback + box
November 2019

Volume 01
Volume 02
304 pages
Volume 03
272 pages