Que Força É Essa
Que Força É Essa
Que Força É Essa
Que Força É Essa

Que Força É Essa

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Que Força É Essa: Imagens de Protesto e Participação Democrática em Portugal

Gathered over the last seven years, the signs and objects that make up this book have been shown in streets and avenues throughout Portugal, in protests against Troika, in LGBTI+ and Women’s marches, or in international protests like the student climate strike. These handcrafted materials have been rescued and preserved by the Ephemera Archive and included in the namesake exhibition. Even in the book, these signs stand for and celebrate the exercise of freedom and imagining the future – something which is not always possible at other times and locations.

Tinta da China
Helena Sofia Silva
Frederico Duarte, Helena Sofia Silva, José Bártolo, Pedro Cortesão Monteiro
José Pacheco Pereira
Coordinator of the Ephemera Archive
José Pacheco Pereira
Inês d’Orey, Arquivo Ephemera

215 x 170 mm
194 pages
September 2019