Alter—Journal #1
Alter—Journal #1
Alter—Journal #1
Alter—Journal #1
Alter—Journal #1

Alter—Journal #1

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Alter—Journal #1
Alter—Realities: Towards justice through design

Framed in Alastair Fuad-Luke’s curatorial agenda for the Biennale Alter— is a collection on Alter-Realities as a way to re-make worlds, re-animate ourselves and forge new relations while rejecting unsustainable hegemonies.

The first issue of Alter— reflects on the term Anthropocene and its developments, proposing a new relationality through design that accommodates all forms of life. Sasha Costanza-Chock talks with Alastair Fuad-Luke about more inclusive and collaborative design practices while Eduardo Aires opens a range of variations to the grid he designed in 2016 as the visual identity of the city of Porto. Artist Beatriz Blasi and designers collective 1234 question notions of reality in a collaboration that will feature this and the following editions of Alter—.

Alastair Fuad-Luke
Contributions by
Sasha Costanza-Chock, Eduardo Aires, Beatriz Blasi + 1234
Art direction and graphic design

68 pages
2184-9226 (EN)
2184-9196 (PT)
July 2021