Riccardo Dalisi [digital]
Riccardo Dalisi [digital]
Riccardo Dalisi [digital]
Riccardo Dalisi [digital]

Riccardo Dalisi [digital]

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Riccardo Dalisi — The Perfect Imperfection

Riccardo Dalisi – The Perfect Imperfection presents the work of Riccardo Dalisi, master of Italian design and exponent of Arte Povera, whose production is never disconnected from art and poetry. Similarly, Dalisi has always endeavoured in social engagement, working with the people from the poor neighbourhoods of Naples. Following the first retrospective of Riccardo Dalisi’s work, this book is a unique overview of the body of work of one of the greatest names in contemporary design and art.

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Maria Milano, Ira Palmieri, Andrea Nuovo
Editorial Coordination
Andreia Faria
Editorial Assistant
Eleonora Fedi, Luísa Medina
Andrea Nuovo, Anna Mari Laville, António Tavares, Davide Vargas, Ira Palmieri, José Bártolo, Maria Milano

Graphic Design
João Santos, Óscar Maia

Fulvio Cutolo, Arquivo Riccardo Dalisi, Claudio Cavallin, Inês d’Orey

200 pages
November 2019