Pli Arte & Design #1 [digital]
Pli Arte & Design #1 [digital]
Pli Arte & Design #1 [digital]
Pli Arte & Design #1 [digital]

Pli Arte & Design #1 [digital]

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Pli Arte & Design #1 — Encounter

PLI Arte & Design is a magazine about contemporary design. But
what does the adjective “contemporary” associated to design means (seemingly self-referential)? Is there a contemporary condition, a spirit of the time, that sets it apart from other historical periods? Or are we in a new phase of tension regarding the Modern, a phase of postmodern rewriting? We recombine pieces, creating new connections, new logics, new narratives.
PLI, the title of the magazine, evokes the deleuzian concept of fold, assumed as a metaphor and operative concept of a project that critically seeks to think and act on identities, links and crossings between knowledge and projects of art and architecture that shape contemporary times.

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José Bártolo (coordenação), Sérgio Afonso
Art Direction
João Martino
José Cardoso
Manuela Silva, Huambo, 1968
Ana Campos, Andrew Blauvelt, Andrew Howard, Atelier Martino&Jaña, Daniel Trench, Desirée Pedro, Emílio Remelhe, Frederico Duarte, Helena Sofia Silva, Isabel Carvalho, Isidro Ferrer, Joana & Mariana, João Faria, João Tiago Santos, José Bártolo, Lucio Magri, Maria João Baltazar, Maria João Portugal, Maria Milano, Natalia Ziurkowska, Nuno Crespo, Paolo Deganello, Paulo Roberto Frias, Pedro Sousa, Ricardo Nicolau, Sofia Gonçalves e Marco Balesteros

88 pages