Frontiere [digital]
Frontiere [digital]
Frontiere [digital]
Frontiere [digital]

Frontiere [digital]

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Frontiere — Contemporary Design Expressions

Frontiere — Contemporary Design Expressions presents stories from Italian designers, companies, schools and associations as they react to the stimuli and difficulties of the post-millennium reality and discover new dimensions in the approach to design, as well as new ways of thinking, designing and producing. Keeking the title of the exhibition, this book is the result of an extensive research developed by curators Maria Milano and Lucio Magri on the creative, entrepreneurial and social dynamics that currently shape the Italian territory and its reality, showing the best and most up-to-date objects in contemporary Italian design.

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Maria Milano, Lucio Magri
Editorial Coordination
Andreia Faria, Eleonora Fedi, Luísa Medina
Maria Milano, Lucio Magri, José Bártolo
Graphic Design
Inês d’Orey

213 pages
December 2019