Black Box [digital]
Black Box [digital]
Black Box [digital]
Black Box [digital]

Black Box [digital]

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Black Box — Stories of the Future

Digital is inevitable and irreversible; it marks the present and helps us to envision the future. There is, however, a story to tell: digital culture is as much about the future as it is about the past, and one must recover a historical perspective on the matter. Black Box — Stories of the Future goes back to the first writings on Digital by designers and architects, intersecting those with the most meaningful present-day reflections on the theme.

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Editorial Coordination
Isa Clara Neves, Jorge Figueira
Areti Markopolou, Christopher Alexander, Fabio Gramazio, Georg Vrachliotis, Isa Clara Neves e Jorge Figueira, José Bártolo, Mario Carpo, Walter Gropius

Graphic Design

80 pages
December 2019