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PLI Arte & Design #5
PLI Arte & Design #5
PLI Arte & Design #5
PLI Arte & Design #5
PLI Arte & Design #5

PLI Arte & Design #5

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Pli Art & Design #5 — Production

The 5th number of PLI arte & design magazine focuses on Production. The object of this issue of PLI is the critique of political economy, its current form and the processes that develop it in the field of contemporary art and design. PLI, the title of the magazine, evokes the Deleuzian concept of fold, assumed as a metaphor and operative concept of a project that critically seeks to think and act on identities, links and crossings between knowledge and projects of art and architecture that shape contemporary times.

José Bártolo, Sérgio Afonso
Editorial Assistants
Ana Medeiros, Mafalda Martins
Art Direction
Inês Nepomuceno
Art Assistant
Margarida Antunes
Giovanni Chiaramonte, Orangerie, Park Sanssouci, Potsdam (guardas), Vincenzo Colecchia
Alessandro Mendini, Andrew Howard, Ellen Lupton, Enzo Mari, Fernanda D’Agostino, Francisco Laranjo, João Serra, Katja Tschimmel, Keti Chukhrov, Paolo Deganello, Siniša Savecic, Victor Margolin, Estudantes do 1o ano do Mestrado em Design de Comunicação 2013/2014 da ESAD