Our books at Feira do Livro do Porto

The rentreé started at full speed !

On day one, as soon as we got back, we started packing books — from both esad—idea and Porto Design Biennale, on a total of 65 publications — for our first time ever at Feira do Livro do Porto [Porto Book Fair]!

At this point everything else was settled including the layout and furniture for the pavilion — designed by our researcher Eleonora Fedi and produced at ESAD’s wood workshop — and we were eager to finally see it assembled!

The book fair started later that week on August 28.

As part of the programme of Feira do Livro we also participated in a short talk with Rita Roque at Rádio Estação to introduce the conversation that took place later that day at Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett led by José Bártolo (Editor) with Inês Nepomuceno (Art Director), Lara Jacinto (Photographer) and André Barata (Philosopher). “Post Millennium — Critical Essays on Contemporary Tensions”, a journal launched on the occasion of last year's edition of Porto Design Biennale, was the pretext for this talk.

All we can say now is that the opportunity to be side by side with other editors and bookshops, to have the chance to show our editorial projects, a work we’ve been developing for the past decades, and to meet all the people who passed by our pavilion during those 2 weeks from day to night was really rewarding and we hope to see you all again next year.

(FIY the book "Alegria para o fim do mundo" ["Joy to the End of the World"], written by Andreia C. Faria —who is the editorial coordinator here at esad—idea — was this year's motto at FLP. Super cool, isn’t it?)