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Do Habitar
Do Habitar
Do Habitar
Do Habitar

Do Habitar

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Housing and inhabiting are pressing issues in the face of changes in our way of life as a result of technological and technical innovations. Housing is a functional and cultural item that reproduces relationships, phenomenologies and effects typical of the social fabric that generates it. Thus, “dwelling” (habitar) is a concept that has changed over time, patently following the positions, rhythms, meanings and desires of societies. This publication attempts to create a dialogue in contributions from various disciplinary fields. It aims to foster an inclusive critical reflection, capable of activating a deeper reflection based on the observation of our current society focused on neoliberalism, hedonism and apparently free and massified comfort.

Editorial Coordination
Maria Milano
Maurizio Vogliazzo; Paolo Deganello; Pierluigi Nicolin; José Forjaz; João Álvaro Rocha; José Joaquín Parra Bañón; Licia Taverna e Stefano Montes; José Bártolo; Ana Rainha; Álvaro Domingues; João Paulo Cardielos; Cláudia Albino; Álvaro Siza Vieira; Ettore Sottass, Isao Hosoe, Nuno Grande Aires Mateus & Associados, António Portugal & Manuel Maria Reis; Nuno Valentim, Maria Milano & Frederico Deça; Atelier do Corvo; Barbosa & Guimarães Arquitetos; Cláudia Albino & João Cardielos; Inês Lobo & João Belo Rodeia; Isabel Furtado & João Pedro Serôdio; João Mendes Ribeiro; Cristina Guedes & José Gonçalves; Labastida & Maia; Nuno Brandão Costa; Paula Santos; Pedro Domingos; Pedro Re- sende Leão & Miguel Carrapa; Pedro Maurício Borges
Graphic Design
Sérgio Afonso
Luís Mendonça